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Laser Christmas Tree

Laser Christmas Tree

This Instructable works off the same idea we used for the Laser Pumpkin. We used assorted products at our disposal from to create a festive laser display all coming from a Christmas Tree.
For this project we used an assortment of continuous operation lasers.The lasers ranged in power outputs of 25 mW to 40 mW, but you can use lowered powered units, but it won’t be as awesome.
We removed the mounting brackets and prepared them with matching power supplies to be placed on the tree. If you don’t have access to continuous operation lasers you can use a regular laser pointers by taping the button so it stays on. Your battery will die eventually, but you’ll have a temporary solution to create your own display. Green laser pointers can be purchased .
As we did in the Laser Pumpkin Instructable, we used electrical tape to attach Diffraction Gratings to the end of our lasers. Diffraction Gratings that give multiple beams are the best for this project. We tried to use a wide variety of Diffraction Gratings to show how different ones create different displays. Diffraction Gratings can be purchased from under the Shop Nova section


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