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Make a Rotating Microphone

Make a Rotating Microphone

This Instructable describes how made a rotating microphone using just a few basic electronics and some common household items. You can use a rotating microphone to simulate the doppler effect like that of a leslie speaker cabinet. The rotating microphone is the inverse of the rotating leslie speaker
You can also power the microphone using four AA batteries in a four AA battery cell holder. chose to make mine with XLR in /out as XLR is usually the type of mic inputs that I’m using.I went ahead and made the circuit on a perf board- it’s much easier to do on a perf board that has some connecting strips for ground, etc.The microphone circuit that is also shown on the web page will be used later on so bookmark the page for future reference


You will need to make a turntable for the mic to rest upon. use a lightweight circular piece of wood that . purchased for Hobby Lobby for the job. Using a ruler or a compass you will need to find the center of the of circular wooden piece. Mark the center and drill a hole into the center of the wood. Be careful not to break the wood as it is lightweight and quite fragile. Once the hole is drilled try to put the connector of the female TRS plug into the hole, if it’s not big enough use a larger bit or scrape the center out using a knife until the female TRS plug fits in snug. The female TRS plug will hopefully come with a screw and washer which are used to mount the plug at the center of the turntable.

You will need to glue the rubber gear pad all along the circumference of the wooden circle. I had to cut and use two rubber gears that were bought in loops. If you need to cut the rubber gears like I did, make sure that the gear pattern continues seamlessly in places where you need to make a cut. I used wood glue to glue the gear along the wood piece. It is also handy to have some plastic clamps to hold the rubber gear pads in place once you’ve attached them to the glue

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