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Investigation of the Characteristics of a Transistor

Investigation of the Characteristics of a Transistor

In this activity, you will investigate the input characteristics and the current transfer characteristics of a transistor. You will learn to test a transistor using a multi-meter.
Since a transistor consists of two p-n junctions, current would only flow in particular directions and not the other way round. In Experiment 1, a multimeter set to act as an ohmmeter has a built-in battery that produces current. Whether the meter deflects or not indicates the conductivity between its terminals. Therefore, you will use it to test the transistor.


In Experiment 2, you will test the use of an electrometer by varying the output voltage of a potential divider. You will verify the electrometer reading by an ordinary voltmeter connected in parallel. The electrometer will be used in Experiment 3.

In Experiment 3, you will apply different currents to the input (base terminal) of a transistor and measure the corresponding input voltage VBE using an electrometer.

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