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LED Snake

LED Snake

In this Instructables going to show you how to make creation, made up of lots and lots of LEDs, that is snake like shape, the LED Snake. LED snake is 1meter long, but you decide how long yours would be.
The snake is entertaining and looks cool. It can be modified,hacked and made so that it blinks, or fades in and out
There are multiple uses for the LED Snake
As a night light
as a garden decoration
as a party decoration
as a holiday decoration
or you can even attach it to you bike
You aren’t going to need much components for the LED Snake
Lots and lots of LEDs, different colors, but the same voltage. (picture 2)
Telephone wire, 0,5mm (picture 3)
2 AA batteries (picture 4)
A wooden board that is at least 2cm thick (picture 5 and 6)
A 2 AA battery holder (preferably the battery holder that attaches to a 9V battery clip, because you can take off the battery holder and attache it to the AC to DC adapter.


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