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10 best IOT Hardware Platforms

10 best IOT Hardware Platforms


IOT is growing like anything and we are not far from days where we will be surrounded by hundreds or even thousands of IOT devices. In fact we will be left behind if we don’t adapt or learn this amazing technology. Here is a list of 10 best IOT hardware platforms which will help us to learn and prototype IOT devices and stuffs.

This list was compiled by Frank Donald, after seeking experts opinions, conducting polls, forum discussions and much more. Therefore it reflects the choice of many Embedded Programmers and designers. I believe this list will help to choose the perfect platform for  you.

1) Arduino Yun:



Arduino Yun is a hybrid board which has inbuilt Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity features. This board is powered by ATmega32u4 which handles USB communication whereas the powerful Atheros AR9331 which handles the Wifi and Ethernet interfaces and comes with a Linux distribution based on OpenWrt. There is no need to add external shileds and interfaces for providing internet connectivity. Also you will get tons of technical support from its huge community. This makes Arduino Yun a great platform for developing IOT projects.

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