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Wanna play with high-tech stuff?

Wanna play with high-tech stuff?

A 10-year-old dream is coming true for me.

10 years ago, I dreamt about making “high-tech” technology available for hobbyists.

I was always curious how to make the high-tech stuff.

Or not necessarily high-tech stuff either, but modern electronics.

Like a USB stick.

Or to interface an HDMI display.

Well today, I was able to get my hands on some super advanced technology.

It’s called Ultra-wideband radar.


It’s a radar technology that let’s you do amazing stuff like see through walls or detect incoming bullets shot from a gun!


I have worked with this technology before.

But it used to be extremely expensive and really difficult to use.

This is about to change.

I’m going to make it work with Arduino!

And I will of course publish all the code so that others can build upon it.

The “word on the street” says, the radar will be available as a module in a hobbyist-friendly price range.

I’ll update you on this when I get back to my lab in Berlin.

Keep on Soldering!

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