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They built a robot this weekend

They built a robot this weekend

We were surrounded by jungle.

And a lot of colorful birds, singing their tropical songs.

But inside the building, something great was happening.

Kids between 13 and 16 came from schools around the state, together with their teachers, to learn how to build stuff with electronics.

Martin, Anderson and me had the honor of running the workshops.

When we first met them, we asked:

“Does anyone here have any experience with electronics or programming from before?”

Nobody raised their hands.

We went on to teach some basics of electronics, Arduino programming, how to use the Intel Galileo board, and how to find resources online to build more cool things.

After two intense days, the kids were building things like meteorological stations, color changing lamps and robots!

For example, check out this light-following robot that one group built:





One of the coolest thing about the workshop was when they managed to blink a light for the first time:

They got so excited!

Then they started asking question about how to add another LED, how to blink faster +++

Just the way I felt when I managed to blink a light for the first time.

If you want to learn to build electronics, my eBook “Getting Started With Electronics” is what you need.

Here you’ll learn for example to blink two LEDs, which is REALLY fun!

(I still think its fun even though I’ve done it 100 times.)

Check it out:

Keep on Soldering!

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