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The perfect Beer with Arduino: OpenArdBir project

The perfect Beer with Arduino: OpenArdBir project

The project

Open Ardbir is largely inspired by the original project formerly Braudino from Stephen Mathison and then upgraded and modified by Mike Wilson under the Mike’s Brewery appellation and is been completely reviewed by Max Nevi and Italian team (Alessio, Davide, Luciano, Luigi, Piero, Savio)

Lot of enachement and new features have been introduced and a dedicate HW board “all in one” based on AtMega328 is also available. We can state that currently Open ArdBir is the most advanced and comprehensive controller for single vessel systems and is universally adopted in all “brauduino” like platform

What is Open ArdBir ?

Open ArdBir is Open source platform for brewing process control and automation based on Arduino. The platform is intended for single vessel RIMS system and BIAB process.

The controller automates all the phases: from mashing, boiling and hops addition,cooling up to whirpool providing all the capability to both beginners and advanced homebrewers. The system is interactive and programmable and can be configured via 4 push buttons and LCD display provides all relevant information in all phases.

Arduino Uno run the control process implementing PID+PWM control and mange keyboard and 20×4 LCD

The temperature probe provide the imput and a dedicated HW controls 3 outputs


  • PWM out for SSR relay controlling heating elemnt
  • Digital Out for relay controlling recirculating pump
  • Digital out to drive a piezo buzzer

What are the feature and Function ?

Feature and Functions (Version 2.8.3-RC)

  • Fully automatic and Manual mode
  • Gas or Electric Heating configuration
  • Full Configurable PID/PWM and process parameter
  • Full configurable Unit parameter
  • Full configurable Step Mash (temp/duration)
  • Full configurable Boil and Hop Additions
  • PID temperature control algorithm
  • PWM heating power control
  • Whirlpool and Cooling
  • Recipe managing and storing/load
  • Multi HW support (LCD 16×2 and 20×4)
  • Delayed start
  • Process Pause/recover
  • Scale Temp (°C-°F)
  • Multi Language support (Italian,English,Spanish,Portuguese;Russian;Norwegian):
  • Compiled on Arduino V1.6
  • GNU V2 software license

What do I need to run Ardbir ?

From HW perspective a specific shield has been developed in order to connect temperature probe, SSR relay for heating element, Pump relay, buzzer as well as LCD display (16×2 and 20×4) and 4 push buttons. A dedicated “all in one” board is also available integrating all the component including ATmega328 processor (arduino UNO) in single PCB professionally engineered.

More info on the OpenArdBir official facebook page and here you can download the documentation and schemes.