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The future of IC design

The future of IC design

R Colin Johnson @ discuss about the future of IC design and the different technologies that can extend Moore Law. Such technologies include 3D memories, superconducting, quantum, neuromorphic and photonic mixed-signal devices.

To celebrate 60 years of EDN, we’re looking into the future to predict what advancements will be made in IC Design in the next 60 years. By 2076 3-D room-temperature, superconducting, quantum, neuromorphic, and photonic mixed-signal devices will be the common denominator for all integrated circuit designs. Design tools will be so sophisticated that even novice designers will be able to mix and match these technologies into system-in-package designs that solve all application problems behind the scenes. Users will be so used to extensions to their innate brain capabilities that the technologies which perform the tasks will be taken for granted, leaving the engineering community—and its robotic assistants—on a unique echelon of society that actually understands how the world works.


The future of IC design – [Link]

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