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Telephone answering machine design example

Telephone answering machine design example

The Telephone Answering Machine Design Example is a sophisticated telephone answering machine that provides everything commercial devices offer and more. Noteworthy features include improved voice quality and increased storage capacity over commercial machines.
Additionally, Internet connectivity enables convenient messaging in the form of SMS messages or e-mails from anywhere in the world. Virtual answering machines can be set up for four different users. A user-friendly interface makes learning how to use this device and taking advantage of its many special features easy for anyone, regardless of their electronics savvy. The highly efficient system is designed around an LPC2138 microcontroller, which features an ARM7 RISC processor. Built with a small handful of components, the Telephone Answering Machine Design Example is cost-effective. The thoughtful inclusion of an external flash memory card and well-chosen algorithms for nearly unlimited storage capacity of crystal-clear messages contribute to the success of the design.


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