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Skill Sunday: Arduino Waveform Generation

Skill Sunday: Arduino Waveform Generation

This is the first in a new blog series entitled “Skill Sunday”! The purpose of Skill Sunday is to highlight unique or relatively unknown capabilities of Arduino and provide you with the resources needed to help you master this new “skill”. The series will be weekly (with posts on Sunday, obviously…) so stay tuned for more!

Waveform generation has many potential uses, the most common of which is sound synthesis. Most Arduino users only know how to generate simple beeps, but unknown to many, Arduino can be used for complex waveform generation, and even additive synthesis.


Additive Synthesis

This capability allows you to create unique tones, simulate the plucking or strumming of a guitar, and more! To get started learning about Arduino waveform generation check out this fantastic tutorial by Jon Thompson. The tutorial contains excellent explanations and starts with the basics so that it it is helpful for anyone who wants to get started synthesising sounds with Arduino.