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Radars can see through walls

Radars can see through walls

No, you won’t get a proper picture of whatever is behind the wall.

That would be pretty scary!

But you can see that someone is breathing behind the wall. You can see where they are.

..and if you know a bit about beamforming, you can combine several radars and build a simple silhouette of what is there.

A radar used to be huge.

And designed to see long distances, for example at sea.

But miniature radars are coming.

They have been mostly used by the military and in research centers.

Last week I published — maybe the worlds first(?) — tutorial on how to take an off-the-shelf miniature radar and control it with an Arduino:

I connected it all on a breadboard, to prove how easily it can be done.


This means that mini-radars are getting available for the average Joe.

And because of this, I think we are going to see some really cool projects popping up over the next few years.

The radar module is still a bit pricey for a hobbyist ($400).

But it always starts like this. Then with time, the price will drop.

And before you know it we’ll see radar modules in every hobbyist’s home.

Keep on Soldering!

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