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Jordan JX92S Bass Reflex Speakers

Jordan JX92S Bass Reflex Speakers

The loudspeakers are based around the very well regarded Jordan JX92S Fullrange drivers. The enclosure is a simple ported bass reflex type with a volume of about 1.3 cubic feet. The speaker box is constructed out of Baltic birch plywood and finished with maple and walnut veneer and tung oil.
The Jordan JX92S fullrange driver is used to make a tower loudspeaker. The enclosure in a large (1.3 ft3) vented (bass reflex) speaker box. This speaker system is well suited for medium to large sized room with medium powered amplification (more than 10W). The JX92S driver has good power handling (50W RMS) and a large Xmax of only 9 mm, so it can develop moderate SPL. The Jordan JX92S is a very well regarded fullrange driver which is known for it’s smooth frequency response and it’s ability to deliver much more bass than any similar sized fullrange driver.


The enclosures were made using 3/4″ Baltic Birch plywood except for the front baffle which consists of two pieces of 1/2″ plywood laminated together. The inner piece of the front baffle fits tightly into the cabinet opening. The outer piece of the baffle was cut larger than the outside dimension of the cabinet and flush trimmed to size once the baffle was glued to the remainder of the cabinet

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