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J Pole Antenna

J Pole Antenna

The N6ZAV J-Pole makes a great transmitter antenna. Using the above table, cut the tubing to the size shown for the desired band. The only section where size is not critical is the mast section. Use any size you desire for mounting purposes.
Use steel wool to clean the copper and solder the antenna together as you would with normal copper tubing. Pay close attention to keep the joints straight and snug while doing this. Soldering this together takes quite a bit of heat and a propane torch is the tool of choice.


After the antenna has had a chance to cool, you can attach the coax. Strip the end of the coax that you are going to connect to the antenna and make sure that there is just enough to span the distance between the elements. The cable should be centered between the elements. Strip the center conductor and tin it with solder if it is multi-stranded. Do the same for the braided shield. Using the stainless steel hose clamps, attach the center conductor to the “B” side of the antenna and the shield to the “A” side. Start with the connections about 3″ to 5″ above the bottom of the “J” and tune with an SWR meter. That’s about it! See you on-the-air!

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