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Floppy the Robot

Floppy the Robot

You can build a simple robot from your old floppy-disk drive. Connect it to your computer using some simple circuit and give command from PC. It will move forward, backward and can perform other types of motion too.

You will need the following parts to build this:


  • Floppy drive with motor and stepper motor still working
  • 1 – axle 1/8″ steel rod 4 1/2″ long
  • 4 – wheels
  • Bolts for mounting wheels
  • 1 – Floppy Ribbon Cable
  • 1 – Power Cable from old power supply (P3 for the floppy drive)
  • 1 – 9 volt rechargable battery
  • Battery clip
  • Rubber wire grommets 1/8″
  • Rubber bands
  • Optional: 10′ of wire to create extension cable and give “floppy” some freedom

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