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Do it yourself Headcam

Do it yourself Headcam

The AdventureCAM project started because we needed a way to hike and shoot video footage at the same time. We are constantly reworking this setup, but the basic configuration is pretty much the same (digital storage, remote camera, remote trigger, backpack).
Our most recent update to this setup is to replace the tape-based DV Camcorder with a solid state recording mechanism. 

It is true that DV recordings have a much higher resolution than MPEG4 recordings, but we want the option for shooting footage for the web, for the video iPod, and for other situations where the lower resolution is not a factor. Besides, once we saw the size of the Neuros MPEG4 unit, we knew we had to add it to our mobile recording setup 🙂 

First we had to verify that the VioSport camera would work properly with the Neuros Recorder 2. It took a few tries, but we finally got everything (monitor, camera, recorder, power) sorted out and working. Once we confirmed that we could indeed record video directly to the Neuros unit, we had to find the appropriate external battery pack to power the Neuros Recorder. 


The Neuros Recorder 2 came with an AC power adapter. Based on the specs, the unit requires +5V and the tip has a “+” center. We had two rechargeable battery options available from the RainyDay Test Lab (Tekkeon myPowerAll, iGo batteryPak). 

The Tekkeon is a variable voltage unit. We have been using the Tekkeon myPowerAll for a lot of different things here…so much so that we have not had time to finish the FirstUse write-up! 

The iGo battery pack is a couple of years old. It still works great, but we don’t use it much because it is a fixed voltage and was for a digital camera which we no longer own.

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