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Controlling a color graphic LCD with an ATMEL AVR ATMega32L

Controlling a color graphic LCD with an ATMEL AVR ATMega32L

Bunch of parts used in this little DIY project are 4MHz quarz, ATMega32L-PI8 MCU, Nokia LCD 6100 with Epson S1D15G10 Controller, capacitors, voltage regulator TC1264-3.3VAB Microchip, PCB board.

I ordered the LCD from SparkFun Electronics and the PCB board for it so I don?t have to solder on the small connector (I think it is not also possible to solder anything to the connector). Whatever, after a week and a half it arrived. I had a spare ATMega32L-8PI and I decided to give it a try.

I took a Perf Board and wired everything according to my schematic. I used the TC1264-3.3VAB voltage regulator from Microchip. When I was done with the soldering I found some code online by Thomas Pfeifer for the Nokia 6100 display but for the Philips PCF8833 controller. I tried it for this display but it didn?t work.


Nothing works however it is not time to give up. However SparkFun was giving away the source code for the Epson S1D15G10 controller but it was written for the Philips ARM LPC2138. I modified both codes and believe it or not I got it working. It works, it displays a square in different colors (huh 2 AM)!

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