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Build a color-changing lamp this weekend [Tutorial]

Build a color-changing lamp this weekend [Tutorial]

In this tutorial, Oyvind shows you how to create a color-changing lamp with Intel Galileo.

You’ll convert from a temperature to a color on an RGB LED. You can also build this project with an Arduino, pretty much the same way.

If you’re new to this board, check out how to get started with Intel Galileo.

Shopping List:


  • Intel Galileo
  • Breadboard with Jumper wires
  • 3 x Resistors (330 Ohm)
  • DHT11 Temperature sensor


Step 1: Test the RGB LED

Connect the RGB LED onto a breadboard. Connect the common pin to 5V. Add a 330 Ohm resistor from each of the color pins, and use jumper wires to connect the three of them to pin 9, 10 and 11 on the Galileo.

I used three 330 Ohm resistors, but the voltage drop of the three light-emitting diodes are not equal. Mine had a 2V diode for the red, and 3.2V diodes for the green and blue. Which means that in a perfect world, you should have a different resistors value for the red pin. But it works fine with 330 on all of them.

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