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Blue LED mouse

Blue LED mouse

Tired of that standard red light under your mouse. Switch it out. For all you need is a soldering iron ,and preferably a desoldering tool as well, a multimeter, and the color led you want and possibly a resistor.All you got to have a fascinating blue LED mouse
Unscrew the top panel from the base. The screws are usually hidden under the mouse’s “feet”, or those little black pads. Once they’re out, there may be a locking tab you have to push to pry the panel off.
To do this, plug in the mouse and simply touch the leads from your LED to the same corresponding leads of the one thats already installed.Make sure you have the leads correct; it is a diode and only works one way.
The red LED found in most standard mice is a 1.7V rated diode, and that resistor is holding the power down to that level so the LED doesn’t overheat and burn out.
If your LED does not light up, and you have it positioned correctly, then it is not receiving enough power.
Once you have the correct resistor (if needed), go ahead and take out the pcb (that brown or green board holding all of the components). It’s held in usually by a few screws and possibly a few more locking tabs.
It should be fairly easy, especially with big components, to find the LED and the resistor that chokes the power going to it.
Go ahead and plug the mouse in and if the light comes on, mount the pcb back into the base.Get the cord back into it’s slot through the base, and screw the top back on.


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