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5 Element Yagi for BlueTooth or WLAN applications

5 Element Yagi for BlueTooth or WLAN applications

Bluetooth uses 2400MHz to 2483.5MHz. I decided to build this antenna for a great friend of mine who needed a bit more range from his new electric blue Microsoft bluetooth wireless mouse. Here is how.
The antenna design comes from DL6WU and is fed directly with the teflon-insulation 50-ohm coax to the center split dipole. As discussed somewhere else in this pages, newsgroups and other webs, this 50 to 75 ohm is not the ideal but is simple and the practical results are more than acceptable.


The 2mm diameter copper wire elements are soldered to a long piece of fiberglass PCB where all the copper but the needed to solder the elements has been removed. You can see there how the coax connects to the mid-split dipole keeping the leads as short as possible. It is a good idea to epoxy the connection so it gets mechanically robust.

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