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1 Watt Universal RF Class-C Amplifier Schematics

1 Watt Universal RF Class-C Amplifier Schematics

You can use this amplifier with a small power FM or 2m band radio transmitter to increase its transmission range. Always ensure that you remain within legal limits in your country.

You can easily achieve at least 1-watt RF power using this Class-C wideband RF amplifier. Use this with a mini transmiiter that has about around 100mW output, as an input to this amplifier, connect the output to a proper antenna via a 50-ohm coaxial cable such as RG-58




Q1 Transistor is 2N5109, 2N3866, 2N4427 or MRF227

Here is a few insight that you can use to build this at home.

  1. You can use a double-sided copper-clad board and build a PCB for the project. You will get a lot of how-to information for building such a homemade PCB for RF Projects here.
  2. For inductors, it is best to buy them online. Otherwise, you can build your own such as an air-core or ferrite-core version.
  3. Use plenty of Ground Plane, while designing the PCB to keep RF noise at minimum while avoiding any spurious radiation.
  4. Use a Ground-Plane antenna for non-directional, or a Yagi antenna for point-to-point directional radiation.
  5. Use a suitable metal enclosure, not plastic.
  6. You can use a 12v lead-acid battery as a power supply for best result, as it provides a clean power without any ripple.