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Big F’n 3D printer build

Big F’n 3D printer build

Dan Beaven blogged about his big 3D printer build:

Summary of Features:


  • 8 Cubic foot print volume (capable of larger with minor changes – i.e bigger cast aluminum plate) – The reason I chose 1/4″ Cast Aluminum plate was to make sure it was dimensionally stable when heated.  Anything else will most likely warp over that big of an area.
  • X, Y, Z end stops
  • Filament runout sensors to pause BIG jobs
  • Auto leveling bed (4 steppers to support heavy weight, but also allow auto leveling in addition to Z-probe) – used CNC shield board with 4 stepper drivers tied to the Z lines on the RAMPS 1.4 board.
  • Smoke senbigsor (separate from main control system – tied to power supply inhibit lines) – no one wants to burn their house down.
  • FLIR Lepton module to monitor and provide feedback on heat distribution for design improvements.
  • Dual Bowden extruders (allow fast transits by minimizing weight of extruder sled)
  • Heated bed (cast aluminum plate and four 280 watt silicone heating pads)
  • Had been named “Big Fucker” because I managed to hit my head many times working on it and assembling it.
  • Inductive Z probe

Full details at Dan’s blog.