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Wireless Power Meter

Wireless Power Meter

recently become somewhat obsessed with understanding how much electricity our home is using, It can be used in conjunction with other solutions such as adafruits Tweet A Watt to provide a very detailed picture of consumption within your home and gets you one step closer to having a home smart grid
In all seriousness, looking for a project that will hook together a number of different interests as well as to being sufficiently large that have to break the problem down into a number of discrete parts

A lot of the solutions look at monitoring by measuring in series with an appliance (or extension cord) from a plug as oppossed to the whole house. think the ideal solution is a combination of both but the majority of documented projects concentrate on the plug side of things


So this instructable documents the process of creating a device that monitors the number of flashes being produced by a UK Electric meter and sending the count to a computer for data logging and visualisation

The system consists of two parts, a unit that sits in the meter cupboard (based around a photdiode, an Arduino, a DS1307 Real Time Clock and an XBee wireless board) and a computer based reader (an XBee via a USB explorer board and a Mac OS X logging application).

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