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Wide Band RF Amplifier for 10MHz to 500MHz Input

Wide Band RF Amplifier for 10MHz to 500MHz Input

This is a classical RF amplifier design. The feedback resistors R3 and R2 define the gain. By changing the values we can get a higher gain at low frequencies, but this will influence the overall gain taper of the amplifier
This is a wide band RF amplifier circuit which is suitable for the frequencies between 10MHz and 500MHz.
Wide band amplifiers are used in communication receivers, RF measuring equipment and tons of other devices. The circuit described here uses a state of the art transistor to get maximum performance at high frequencies. It can be used as a low noise pre-amplifier due to his low noise characteristics.


6 windings, inner diameter is 3mm and wire thickness must be 0.4mm. In the prototype I used and SMD type for L1, make sure it’s a high Q coil. The transistor, which is used here, is a wide band transistor with an Ft of 9 GHz. Like in all other RF circuits make sure that the connections are short as possible

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