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Webcam Telescope

Webcam Telescope

Build this telescope from any webcam and a telephoto lens that can read license plates from quite a distance.
What You’ll Need

Wood – The whole thing will be mounted in a wooden box contraption. Get whatever type of wood you want, but remember you’ll need to get something thick enough to put screws into the side of the sheets of wood you have.

Metal Bayonet Adaptor – This isn’t a deal breaker, but generally pretty key. It will be difficult for you to mount the lens to the wood without a bayonet adaptor and without using an obscene amount of tape. Luckily these can be found fairly easily, and reputable camera repair shop should carry them. I got mine used for $15, and new they cost about $30, with screws.

Web cam – Any web cam will should do. I used one of those Logitech ‘eyeball’ web cams as I had one lying around. The important thing is you will need to get at the CCD element so make sure you can disassemble the thing.

Lens – Your pick again. This works with any format and any type of lens, (even magnifying lenss although they aren’t so convenient).

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