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Vulcan-74: A 6502 Retro MegaProject

Vulcan-74:  A 6502 Retro MegaProject

Radical Brad over at the forum has been working on this cool 7400 logic VGA video game system, Vulcan-74:

The Goals…

  • Video must be perfectly stable VGA, putting out 256 colors at a resolution of 400×300 using an 8 bit color space divided into RRR-GGG-BB
  • Video must include full 256 color 400×300 bitmapped screens with a seamless double buffer for high speed animations and high detailed images
  • The GPU system will include a high speed (20MHz) blitter system capable of dealing with moving variable sized bitmaps from a dedicated 1MB memory bank to the back buffer independent of the 6502 CPU. The entire GPU must be made ONLY of 7400 logic parts
  • The sound system will be minimum 4 independent digital sound channels, and include its own 1MB independent sample SRAM. Much like the Amiga, the sound system is independent of the CPU, and again all made with 7400 logic parts
  • The completed system must be capable of impressive games (Amiga quality), not just some simple tile engine. All games will load only from an external EEPROM (cartridge) via onboard 7400 logic based loader. No external processing will be allowed
  • The CPU will be a 65C02 only. No 65C16, as this is too new for my system! The 6502 will run at 16MHz minimum, using whatever IO decoding tricks I see fit. Bus pirating illegal opcodes, etc. Prelimanry tests have shown stable operation at 20MHz using a ROMless system running from 10ns SRAM

Project info at forum.


Check out the video after the break.

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