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Utilizing CAN with Intel® EP80579 Integrated Processor

Utilizing CAN with Intel® EP80579 Integrated Processor

Microcontrollers and controllers have been in automotive applications for decades, but the amount of computer control and entertainment using several sensors and controllers continues to increase. Such devices include ABS, active suspension, air conditioning, GPS, engine management systems, central locking, lighting control, gear control, and so on. These devices improve safety, efficiency, and control of the vehicle or system.


To further improve system behavior, the control systems and their sensors/activators need to exchange information. This was usually done by discrete point-to-point wiring connections. The result of the information exchange requirements have grown extensively and miles/kilometers of cable in a network are required. Problems such as material cost, production time, and reliability exist.

This document describes the implementation of the Controller Area Network (CAN) in the Intel® EP80579 Integrated Processor product line (EP80579). In this document, an overview of the standard is presented and a detailed description of the CAN controller in the EP80579 is provided. The software-programming model is discussed and examples of applications are included.