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Underwater CVS Camcorder

Underwater CVS Camcorder

This is how I turned the one-time-use CVS video camera into a re-usable underwater video camera. It is remarkably easy to make this camera waterproof. Go to a camping gear type store or go online and buy the Pelican 1010 case. Make sure you get it in clear with a rubber liner. The camera fits perfectly inside the case with a USB cable on one side.
You could leave it like this, but there are still some issues. The biggest is that the record button sticks out and gets pushed by the back of the case. Fix this by cutting out another part of the rubber liner, or glue on a guard of some kind like I did. Next, it’s really annoying to pry the camera out of its fairly tight friction fit to press buttons, so rewire the power button to the front of the case. Soldering to the connections on the switches without shorting to the switches’ metal casings is hard, but I’ve done it many times with a crappy Radioshack $8 soldering iron. Solder on some small wires, run them out through a hole in the front, and mount a button. The last issue is that you can’t start or stop recording while underwater (or even out swimming for that matter). Fix this by finding a magnetic reed switch. Connect this one to the contacts of the record button and mount it on the back of the case, right under the screen. Now, waving a magnet by the bottom of the screen will start and stop recording underwater, without breaking the seal of the case.


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