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Un transistor, por favor

Un transistor, por favor

I got my pocket full of components.

Ready for my weekend project!

In the middle of Medellin in Colombia, I found a small shopping centre with lots of stores with components and tools for building electronics!

My Spanish is not very good.

Which can be a bit frustrating at times.

But I’m learning.

Something that motivates me is this:

I want to go to the electronics store and buy the things I need. And be able to ask for suggestions from the people who work there.

Today I went to the electronics shopping mall.

But the first store didn’t have thermistors.

And I really needed a thermistor.

So he started explaining to me where I could find thermistors.


In Spanish…

But I understood him!

So now I’m ready for my weekend project:

To build a weather station.

What are you building this weekend?

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