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Turn a standard Xbox 360 video cable into a VGA cable

Turn a standard Xbox 360 video cable into a VGA cable

Describes how you can turn your existing Xbox 360 video cable into a multi-out device capable of VGA. You do not even need to hack inside the Xbox itself, just the cable. Total cost is around 7 dollar, including the Radio Shack project box.
Recent Xbox 360 updates have allowed the system to spit out resolutions up to 1080p, and with the new HD DVD add-on drive there’s more reason than ever to use a high quality VGA signal instead of the more standard 3-cable component. However there’s a bit of a catch — VGA cables for the 360 cost about $40. According to my calculations, that’s about 2 pizzas and a case of beer less to game with. WE don’t know about you, but we find that a pretty scary proposition — yours buddies that swing over for game night probably do too.


The following mod allows you to use a standard Xbox 360 cable to create a special VGA cable that would normally be purchased separately. The reason we can hack the standard cable in this way is because Microsoft was kind enough to put every pin in the normal connector, even ones the cable doesn’t use. Standard plugs on other systems (notably the PS2 and Gamecube) only have the pins the plug needs.

Thank you Microsoft

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