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Tiny 9V Clip Flashlight!

Tiny 9V Clip Flashlight!

Tiny 9V Clip Flashlight can be used for finding your way in the dark, looking for that box of batteries you know you left in your closet, or better yet, by adding a toggle switch it can be used on your bike or scooter when riding home at night.
Gluing and Soldering
1. Glue down your switch. If your switch has 4 tabs, you can probably break off the ones on one side. 2. Glue down the resistor, bend the wires and solder one of the leads to the switch. 3. If you have an LED holder, go ahead and glue it down. If you don’t, then glue your LED where the holder would be. 4. Put the LED in the holder and solder a lead the the resistor, making note of the polarity 5. Clip the wires from the 9-volt clip to length and solder one to the switch and one directly to the LED


Press the switch. If all is well, the LED will light up. If not, make sure the polarity is correct throughout and that your battery still has a charge in it. After things are fixed, try it again. It should light up brightly. Some modifications that could be made to optimize this little light for biking are changing the switch from a momentary tactile to a toggle or slide. You could also swap out the LED for a flashing one to become more noticeable.

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