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Three Good LED TV from 2016 you can buy today at Lower Price

Three Good LED TV from 2016 you can buy today at Lower Price

In 2017, you can still get a very good price of these three good LED TVs from 2016, with almost same feature but at a lower price.

Everyone wants to come home from a long day at work and just relax and watch TV. More importantly, they want a TV with a great looking picture, fantastic sound, and one that is also able to access other technology around them. With everyone watching Netflix more and more, it is a necessity that a TV is also compatible with that service.

Today I will be looking at three good 2016 model LED TVs on the market today from three distinct brands, that you can still buy in 2017, to give you a taste of what you should be looking for and what the bargain buys are available to you.



1. TCL 48FS3750 48-Inch 1080p Roku Smart LED TV


The first product I will be looking at is the TCL 48FS3750 48-Inch 1080p Roku Smart LED TV. This is a 2016 model developed by the TV manufacturing company TCL. TCL creates high-quality products at an affordable price. The reason they are included on this list is because I wanted to showcase a product by a company that is not as well-known as the other two on the list. TCL is a very underrated company that I have grown very fond of. They have some great offerings that I think you should check out. So how does this LED TV hold up? Is it worth purchasing?


The TCL 48FS3750 48-Inch 1080p Roku Smart LED TV has a lot of features to propel it to the list of the best LED TVs. These features are:

  • 60Hz Refresh rate
  • 120 Hz clear motion
  • Full LED
  • Very smart, can be used with the Roku TV streaming
  • Measures 42.9” by 24.5” by 3.2”
  • Has 3 HDMI inputs
  • 1 USB input
  • Headphone jack
  • Also has audio out chord for usage with speakers
  • Comes with a remote (batteries included)
  • Power cord is detachable for easy mobility
  • Free 60-day tech support
  • Enabled with Wi-Fi
  • Can send photos videos and music from your phone or tablet to this TV
  • YouTube and Netflix can be streamed on the TV
  • Comes with Roku App that is fully functional with the TV


  • Affordable
  • Great looking TV
  • Fantastic customer service
  • Clear picture
  • Large size


Takes roughly a minute to fully warm up (not automatic)




2. LG Electronics 24LH3530 24-Inch 720p Smart LED TV

The second LED TV that I will be reviewing is the LG Electronics 24LH3530 24-Inch 720p Smart LED TV. I’m not sure if there is a bigger brand in the TV retail market today than LG. LG is a very trusted source that always offers the highest quality of picture and sound, but at an affordable price. They take pride in their products and have a fantastic customer service. You can tell that their products are great because they top a lot of Top 10 lists across the Internet when it comes to ranking television sets. So how is this model and is it one of the best LED TVs?



The LG Electronics 24LH3530 24-Inch 720p Smart LED TV comes with so many features that you need in a LED TV. These features include:

  • Refresh rate of 60Hz
  • Full LED TV
  • Is “Smart” compatible—works with smart devices
  • Measures 21.9” by 15.3” by 5.8”with a stand
  • Has 2 HDMI inputs
  • 1 USB input
  • 1 RF
  • 1 component Input
  • 1 Ethernet cable to hook up directly with a modem
  • HD 720p resolution
  • Runs on a Tripe XD engine
  • Less blur on the screen
  • Very bright
  • Energy Star qualified: runs on less energy
  • With smart features—connect to Netflix, YouTube, Hulu etc.


  • Affordable
  • Great looking picture
  • Easy to set up
  • Can easily stream Netflix/Internet programs
  • LG is a reliable company
  • Great sound


  • USB port does not work the greatest
  • Feels like one of the cheaper models at LG
  • No app that comes with it (no streaming from your phone)


3. Sony XBR55X850D 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart TV

The last LED TV that I will be reviewing today is the Sony XBR55X850D 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart TV (The model that was built in 2016). I believe that Sony is one of the leading brands of entertainment appliances in the entire world. They are always at the top of their game ensuring that their devices are technically up to the specifications you desire and that will enhance your entire viewing experience. Sony also is known to have fantastic customer service that is available to you 24/7. So how is this LED TV? Is it one of the best that Sony has to offer?


The features that come with the Sony XBR55X850D 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart TV are as follows:

  • Refresh rate of 120 Hz
  • Full LED backlight
  • Is another Smart TV
  • Measures 48.5” by 28.3” by 1.8”
  • Has 4 HDMI inputs
  • 3 USB ports
  • Comes with remote control (batteries included)
  • AC power cord and adapter
  • 4K Ultra TV (Processor X1)
  • Detailed picture
  • Triluminos display for high quality images and the brightest colors
  • Motionflow technology for smooth picture
  • Thin design
  • Android TV, can search with your voice
  • Compatible with Google Cast
  • All apps used with TV: Google Play, Netflix, YouTube, Hulu
  • Content bar helps you find anything fast


  • One of the best resolutions for anLED TV at this price
  • Fantastic look
  • High tech technology
  • Android TV featuring state of the art features
  • Affordable for all that it comes with
  • The best colors


Make sure you are streaming in HD or not the greatest look


Final Summary

The products listed above are some of the best LED TVs at the end of the day. They have a lot of great features and are all smart TVs. If I had to choose one to recommend over the rest it would be the Sony XBR55X850D 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart TV because of all its fantastic features.


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