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The Plasma Speaker

The Plasma Speaker

A plasma speaker is a device that generates an high voltage electrical arc that makes purple light and music. Without any speakers or any moving parts.
Health Hazard
Unlike the ordinary speakers, the plasma speaker are dangerous high voltage device, do NOT attempt to build this device unless you know what you are doing… And do NOT even attempt to build one if you have heart problems or weak heart or wearing a pacemaker, because one little shock from this thing can put you out


How the plasma speaker works…
The TL494 acts like an oscillator and a modulator, it generates a high frequency (5KHz to 45KHz) to drive the flyback transformer to make high voltage arcs. Then when you give it audio, the TL494 modulates the audio frequency into the main high frequency. Now the flyback transformer is being driven by the high frequency and the audio frequency, and when the arc is produced, the arc vibrates the air with both the audio and high frequency creating sounds. If you tune up the 22K potentiometer, the high frequency increases, when it goes higher than 20KHz, we cannot hear it, but only the audio frequency.

Gather stuff

Build the prototype on the bread board

Test the Prototype And then build the circuit

Test your plasma speaker to make sure if it is working or not.

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