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The Not-So-Bright LED Night Light

The Not-So-Bright LED Night Light

The unit has a pushbutton switch to toggle between settings (dim and bright) and a CdS photocell that turns off the device during the day.
Inside are three white LEDs, wired in series. When I first plugged the device in, it seemed to emit an acceptable amount of light. But in a short time, the light gradually faded until it was virtually useless. This has happened several times with other inexpensive LED lights

Opening the thing up, the circuit was traced out and it was determined it was one that it could be easily modified. The author made some component value changes and pulled out the three dim LEDs and replaced them with 10 high quality, super bright surface-mounted units from Osram Opto, which he soldered together into two strips of 5 LEDs each.the light then emitted a nice bright white light and was thought to last many years with no risk of someone taking a header down the stairs in the middle of the night!”


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