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The Andromeda, or building a reference speaker

The Andromeda, or building a reference speaker

An extensive description of building a no-compromise loudspeaker system and what you bump into along the way. Drivers used are a Focal Audiom 13KX, a Scanspeak 18W8545 and a Focal TC120Tdx2. Joined together by the less common series-filter.
The speaker consists of several parts.
The tweeter.
In the end I chose the Focal TC120Tdx2, an inverse dome tweeter with a titaniumdioxide coated titanium membrane and a cone-shaped diffuser mounted on the front. This diffuser gives very wide dispersion right up to 20kHz – 30 degrees of axis at 20kHz is only down 4,5dBs. It has a double magnet to create a very strong mag The mid-woofer.
The woofer.
A woofer from the Focal Audiom range. A 15-inch one would be a little too big as it needs about 200 to 250 litres to work in; the Audiom 13KX only needs about 90 litres! You can chose the Audiom 13KX because it has a rubber surround, as apposed to the foam surround of the Audiom 13VX. Efficiency is high enough at 91dBs and fs low enough at 28,8Hz. The magnet is not what you see every day: It is made up of twelve 72mm standard magnets painted bright red mounted between two chrome-plated pole-plates with a total diameter of 232mm! The cone is made of so-called Poly-Kevlar: two layers of finely woven kevlar sandwiching a layer of polystyrene. netic field in the air-gap and it is also shielded. The cavity inside the magnets is filled with a mineral wool to dampen resonances


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