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Ten Interesting Things you can do with your Smartphone

Ten Interesting Things you can do with your Smartphone


Advanced mobile phones are not made for simply messaging and phone calls; there are sure different things which they can perform for us. Even beside tasks which is common today, like social media browsing, chatting, browsing etc, they can perform even more. In this article, we shall look at some of them that is now possible with today’s smartphone technology.


1. Data collection from Space




STRaND-1 Payload. You can see a Google Nexus One. Image credit: SSTL Website

Though it is not available to common people as it was a part of a project done by Surrey Satellite Technology Limited and University of Surrey’s Space Centre.  A nanosatellite powered by a Google Nexus One smartphone was sent in space to collect data from space.  Named as STRaND-1, which is a 3U CubeSat weighing just 3.5 kg, it is the first smartphone satellite now traveling in a 785km sun-synchronous orbit.

It was launched in 25th February, 2013, from Satish Dhawan Space Center located in Sri Harikota, India, using a Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV C-20).


STRaND-1 and the team from left to right Ed Simons, Steve O’Donnell, Shaun Kenyon, Chris Bridges M6OBC / M0GKK, Nimal Navarathinam VE3NML, Pete Shaw, Ed Stevens, Susan Jason – Image credit Surrey Space Centre (SSC)


If you are an amateur radio operator, you can easily track STRaND-1 emitted signal and collect data using your amateur radio gear from across the globe. You will find detailed frequency list at Amsat UK Homepage.



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