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Ten differences between Raspberry Pi and Arduino

Ten differences between Raspberry Pi and Arduino


Raspberry pi and Arduino are quite different. Each board has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you want to decide between the two, then it depends on the requirement of your project.

In this article, Electronicshub website highlights about 10 differences between them. Now let’s understand these two boards in detail.

Arduino was invented by Massimo Benzi in Italy. Arduino was a simple hardware prototyping tool. While raspberry pi as invented by Eben Upton at University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom for improving the programming skills of his students.

These both teaching tools are suitable for beginners, hobbyists. The main difference between them is Arduino is microcontroller board while raspberry pi is a mini computer. Thus Arduino is just a part of raspberry pi.Raspberry pi is good at software applications,while Arduino makes hardware projects simple.

Below table gives you some differences between them.



SL Raspberry Pi Arduino
1 It is a mini computer with Raspbian OS.It can run multiple programs at a time. Arduino is a microcontroller, which is a part of computer. It runs only one program again and again.
2 It is difficult to power using battery pack. Arduino can be powered using battery pack.
3 It requires complex tasks like installing libraries and software for interfacing sensors and other components It is very simple to interface sensors and other electronic components to Arduino.
4 It is expensive It is available for low cost.
5 Raspberry pi can be easily connected to internet using Ethernet port and USB Wi-Fi dongles . Arduino requires external hardware to connect to the internet and this hardware is addressed properly using code.
6 Raspberry pi did not have storage on board. It provides an SD card port. Arduino can provide on board storage.
7 Raspberry pi has 4 USB ports to connect different devices. Arduino has only one USB port to connect to the computer.
8 Processor used is from ARM family. Processor used in Arduino is from AVR family Atmega328P
9 This should be properly shutdown otherwise there is a risk of files corruption and software problems. This is a just plug and play device. If power is connected it starts running the program and if disconnected it simply stops .
10 Recommended programming language is python but C,C++,Python, ruby are pre-installed . Arduino uses Arduino,C/C++.


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