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Tealed: Led + Battery + Box

Tealed: Led + Battery + Box

here is first Instructable to teach you how to do it, and use it in a lot of ideas know that is a kind of led throwie but you will not throw it, instead you put it in an exactly place to illuminate something, you can change the batteries and have a switch to turn it on or off and put in the base a magnet, velcro or double side tape to put it on everything. Hope you like my project
Led (5mm or 10mm), 2 Coin Batteries (CR2032), Acetate sheet (Mylar or PVC), Velcro,<
Magnet Sheet, Double Side Tape.

You can use white LEDs, RGB slow or fast LEDs, Flashing LEDs, etc.


Here is one tip, if you need a diffused LED, I melt wax of a candle and dip the led in the melted wax 2 or 3 times, so if I need to make it clear again just apply some hot to the led and wipe the wax with a towel paper.

don’t use resistor because for me the brighter the led the better the look, and because of the internal resistance of the batteries the LED wont burn, also I use two batteries to have 6 volts for the white and the RGB LEDs and have more lighted time, if someone prefer to use one battery just change the dimensions of the template

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