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Take digital photos from a kite

Take digital photos from a kite

Using a modified digital camera that can take one picture a second, you can easily build a kite cam and see around your house lawn. The project shouldn’t cost more than $30 for the camera and the parts.
A couple years ago we bought an Olympus “Camedia” D-360L 1.3 Megapixel digital camera which took “okay” pictures and used that goofy SmartMedia format. At the time it was a good camera, but eventually we moved on and it’s been sitting in the basement waiting for a project, dreaming of the day it’ll fly, fly away like a bird.


There’s been a lot of interest in taking digital photos from kites over the last few years, but all the articles we’ve seen involve really complicated gear and remote controls, most being very expensive—all we want to do is take as many photos as we possibly can until the battery dies or the card is full. Most importantly, we wanted to do this on the cheap since there’s a good chance the camera will get smashed. We checked eBay and places like Fry’s Electronics and found a lot of crappy digital cameras that people will be able to use to take photos from kites.

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