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Stereo Audio Isolator

Stereo Audio Isolator

This circuit is useful for removing ground loop hum on a remote line level audio signal line. It can be used to to connect a computer sound card to a stereo amplifier line input.
Other uses include tapping into a line level signal for powering a remote amplifier, and removing common mode ground interference on 12 Volt audio equipment such as a car stereo. The circuit can be used in mono applications by simply ignoring the second channel.



Connections: L and R RCA Jacks, stereo 3.5mm jacks
Operating voltage: 1V P-P nominal (line level audio)
Input Impedance: 10K ohms
Output Impedance: 10K ohms
Frequency response: untested
L-R Channel isolation: untested


The audio signal is passed through the transformer from one side to the other. Ground loop noise that would otherwise travel from the ground on one side of the isolator to the other side is blocked.

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