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Step By Step Plans To Building A 250,000 Volt Tesla Coil

Step By Step Plans To Building A 250,000 Volt Tesla Coil

The Tesla Coil is a Air Core Resonant Transformer consisting of a primary coil and a secondary coil. The primary coil is the part of the device that resonates or vibrates which when vibrating gives of a very strong magnetic field that causes induction in the secondary coil.
the magnetic field is caused by first the power from the 120 volt wall outlet is converted into 6500 volts by the transformer then the power flows into the capacitor where it gets amplified then moves along to the spark gap the spark gap acts like a switch without the spark gap the coil will not function it will just burn up your transformer next the power goes to the primary coil and causes induction in the secondary coil thus causes lighting or arcs to be transmitted out of the toroid or topload.


Parts That You Will Need
The parts you will need to build a tesla coil:
1. 6500 volt 23 milli amp transformer found at
2. 10,000 volt capacitor found at
3. Spark Gap found at
4. PVC Pipe 5-6 inches wide 3 feet long Found At The Home Depot
5. Copper tubing (refrigerator tubing) 1/4th inch diamiter 30 feet found at The Home Depot
6. Toriod Found at
7. # 24-26 enamaled magnet wire or just magnet wire found at

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