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Skill Sunday: Magnetic Stripe Decoder

Skill Sunday: Magnetic Stripe Decoder

This week on Skill Sunday we will be learning how to get your Arduino to talk to a magnetic stripe reader. Having control over a magnetic stripe reader opens up lots of possibilities such as adding swipe card access to one of the doors around your home. Instructables member powerpants has put together a fantastic guide which details every aspect of using a magnetic stripe reader from the wiring to full code examples. You can checkout the instructions here.


Powerpants writes in his own words:

I was inspired to post this after reading the intro to magnetic stripe reading and Stripe Snoop that is found in MAKE magazine Volume 1. That tutorial details how to interface a stripe reader to a game port interface, but I have a mac laptop, so I don’t have a game port interface!

Also, I think that the arduino suite of hardware/software is much more integrated and easy to understand for beginners than the “traditional” approach presented on the Stripe Snoop website and MAKE magazine.

However, this application simply shows the data that’s on a magnetic stripe; it does not have any of the more advanced features that Stripe Snoop does.