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Single and Multi Turn Magnetic Loop

Single and Multi Turn Magnetic Loop

Different construction with good technical details about loop capacitor and its design.
The first capacitor I built was a design from GW3JPT from a article in the RADIO COMMUNICATION from February 1994. It is a split stator capacitor with a capacitance of 140 pF and with a voltage rating of 6000 Volt. The capacitor is remote tuned with the use of a small BBQ spit motor.

The second capacitor I built is my own design and it’s a butterfly capacitor because the losses are lower than a split stator. The capacitance is 5-65 pF and the voltage rating is 7200 volts. I used it for the small loop with a dia. of 800 mm (2.66 feet) and the frequency range of this loop is from 28 MHz to 14 MHz. The Aluminum plates of 1 mm for the capacitors are cut with a JIG SAW.


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