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Simple Xbox 360 Rapid Fire Mod

Simple Xbox 360 Rapid Fire Mod

Apparently there are controllers that use PWM and others are Matrix type. To determine which type yours is, check to see if you have a crystal on your board, as you can see in the bottom right of picture 1. if you have one, your good to go, if you don’t, then this mod will not work and the button just acts as another trigger.
A TT9 Torx Driver (TT8 may fit better, only had a TT9) A Small Push Button Switch Some Thin Wire, Such as IDE Cable An Xbox 360 Controller (Wired or Wireless, it works the same) Soldering Equipment A Drill and Drill bit (To match the diameter of the thread on your switch) Some form of surface to work on. (chose a window ledge, suggest you don’t) Once you have found the right place, place the two halves back together and see if there is enough room for your switch to go in. Put the switch in your new hole. Make sure that you orient the pins so that they are not getting bent or squashed when the controller is back together. had to remove some of the motor holder to fit my switch in.


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