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Silent Mouse The Second Encounter

Silent Mouse The Second Encounter

Neat HOW TO for keeping the mouse quieter if you have roommates . You can check recorded sound of clicking before and after. FYI, the sounds are of the Genius mouse, but the other one is dead silent too, Also the mouse buttons are now more sensitive, so you will get a few false clicks in the first couple of days, before you learn how to handle it.
Take notes on the position of white switch buttons. This step is probably unnecessary, as this seems to be always marked on the pcb’s
Carefully solder out the two outer switches. In my first attempt I silenced also the middle switch, which turned to be a bad solution. The switch became too sensitive and could be triggered by mere scrolling. I use the middle button rarely, so I left it noisy in the end; but if you do use the middle button often and therefore wish to hush it too, try it, you have been warned.


Open the switch by carefully lifting the legs (perhaps there’s better word for it) on its sides.It’s wiser to put the switch upside down beforehand, so that the tiny white plastic button won’t fall out. It’s not a serious problem if you manage to break the legs – just glue the parts together afterwards – or forget it completely and take the risk of mouse malfunction in extreme conditions (e.g. earthquake).
Turn the switch cover by 180 degrees and join it with base again.

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