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Shirt Pocket Transceiver withe the Si5351 and OLED

Shirt Pocket Transceiver withe the Si5351 and OLED

Moving on with the latest Technology!

In 2011 I fulfilled a dream of building a shirt pocket sized QRP SSB transceiver. Well actually I built two of them and the second was a diminutive 2″ X 4″ X 2″. Both used through hole components –so no cheating with SMD. In each case the IF was 4.0152 MHz and employed a crystal switched VXO that essentially gave about 100 kHz on 20M SSB. But it was a VXO and there was not full band coverage. But nevertheless a small miracle (or so I thought) that they both worked! You can see the two versions blow.
But with new technology now available to us my next goal is to fit the larger rig with the Si5351 and an OLED display. Today I made that happen!

We now have a documented QSO with VA7LTX in Canada using the rig barefoot ( 2 to 3 watts) on 20M.

Having proven this works I am now undertaking building a smaller board to fit in the existing case. This should incentivize you to get out the soldering iron and start building!!!!
Pete N6QW