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Build an AM, CW and SSB Regenerative Receiver for Amateur Radio

Build an AM, CW and SSB Regenerative Receiver for Amateur Radio



In this article, Vasily Ivanenko @ QRP Home Builder shows you how to build a HF or VHF Regenerative Receiver for Amateur Radio use. He called it Regen #5.

You can build this on general double-sided PCB and use to receive AM, CW as well as SSB transmission.

The assembly of the receiver looks a little bit old, but very nicely done. He uses many old type components such as an ancient type air-variable capacitor.

Here it goes in his own words:


In winter 2015, I built 5 HF regens plus 2 VHF super regenerative receivers. I’ve run out of my better quality air variable capacitors, potentiometers and room — each version seems larger and uglier than the previous. With all these experiments, I’ve advanced about 2 mm up the regen receiver design learning curve — and in standard form factor, more questions arose than answers.


Briefly/frankly: I’m more a science officer Spock type than a green smoothie, quinoa and tofu devouring new ager — thus I prefer to avoid emotional messaging and hyperbole. I share my experiments to kindle interest, invoke dialog and sincerely hope we’ll all improve and enjoy what’s left of the SWL bands + analog radio design. Out of the gate — I think of this radio as OK; enjoyed making it and wish you well with your own experiments.

Photo of Regen #5 Front Panel.
Above — Photo of Regen #5 Front Panel.

1.  Schematics

Regen #5 RF Board Schematic
Above — Regen #5 RF Board Schematic
Regen #5 AF Board Schematic
Above — Regen #5 AF Board Schematic

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