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Recycled Solar Power

Recycled Solar Power

This is about a Solar Power Plant made from recycled parts. It all started at the landfill where someone next to me was throwing away 11 solar garden lights.
Paint the board with some old house paint.The author soldered 5 in a row pos. to neg. He thinks that 4 would have been OK . Each set is putting out 22 volt in good sun.
He mounted the cells with a little hot glue then soldered a diode to the pos. on each set and into a splice on a single cord. Next he spliced all the neg. ends to a single exit wire. He dabbed a little hot glue over the solder joints to keep everything in place. He hot glued the picture frame over everything leaving the bottom un glued for a little ventalation.
The first test. Over 22 volts on a winter day. Tried it vertical and horizontal.
I cut some scrap plywood and nailed and glued it to the sides. Next the author cut some holes in an old sewing box. Added a 12 volt receptical Made an opening for the inverter and an exit hole for the solar panel wire. Soldered both pos. to each other same with negs. a fuse will attach to the hot wire when he find one. Just for testing he wired it up with no regulator or fuse. He salvaged the 2 12 volt batteries out of a broken electric razor kids scooter.He used a 2 pronged plug to exit the box and plug into the solar panel wire.


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