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RCA To CAT5 Conversion

RCA To CAT5 Conversion

Want to put your game consoles or DVD players far away from your TV? Maybe a little closer to the couch so you don’t have to get up to change DVD’s… Now you can. By converting the RCA cable into a CAT5 (Ethernet) cable you can easily move all your console(s) to any corner of the room. CAT5 cable is a lot cheaper than RCA cables.
What you need

2 CAT5 Project boxes (a.k.a. Surface Mount Jack) (around 2 or 3 bucks) 
6 RCA Jacks 
Spare wire, preferably small and stranded (2 ft. is more then enough) 
Soldering iron (around 25 watts is fine) 
Solder (of course) 
Epoxy (optional) 
Dremel (anything that can cut smooth holes in plastic, about a half an inch in diameter) 
The CAT5 project box is made for patching cables to CAT5. Here’s a crude drawing of what it looks like on the inside. 8 leads coming from the CAT5 jack connect to 8 different screw posts. 4 twisted pairs of wires make up the CAT5 cable. RCA cables have two wires so to speak. A ground and a live wire, (that’s what I’m going to call them t least. All you need to do is connect the ground connection to one screw post in the box, and the live to another position. When you make the second box, make sure you connect the ground and live wires to the right position in the box. 


Here’s a break down of the steps 

1. Open up the CAT 5 project box and unscrew 6 of the posts (or 2 posts per RCA jack you want to connect. 

2. Clip 6 wires about and inch or 2 in length (not to long because we’ll have to push it all into the box later. 

3. Lay out where you want the jacks to be located. The box I used was a bit small, I would have liked a bigger one. 

4. Dremel out the holes for each RCA jack. Try to get it as close as you can, make it look clean. 

5. There should be a nut and washer on the RCA jack, unscrew it and mount the jacks in the hole and secure them with the washer and nut. 

6. Solder the wires to the live and ground locations of the RCA jack.

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