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Quarter wave 2.4GHz omni-directional antenna

Quarter wave 2.4GHz omni-directional antenna

This antenna is for use with 802.11b wireless computer networks or 2.4GHz video sending equipment.
From experience of useage in a variety of situations and surroundings, I would estimate the gain of this antenna to be around a 3 dB improvement over a Buffalo pcmcia card internal antenna , with a much smoother polar coverage (allowing for the losses in a pigtail, and 6 or 7 metres of URM67 cable, and connectors).


In use on a flat field, using two of these antennae attached to pcmcia 802.11b cards via cable and pigtails, we were able to maintain an 11Mb/s network at between 400 to 500 metres with clear line of sight.

You may be able to tell from the lack of absolute measurments in my results that I do not have access to calibrated test equipment, or the time to carry out well documented tests. If anybody does, please let me know the results!

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